Feeder Polythene

Photo 1 of 2Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 . ( Feeder Polythene  #1)

Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 . ( Feeder Polythene #1)

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Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107

Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107


feed•er (fēdər),USA pronunciation n. 
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  2. a bin or boxlike device from which farm animals may eat, esp. such a device designed to allow a number of chickens to feed simultaneously or to release a specific amount of feed at regular intervals.
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  8. See  feeder line. 
  9. See  feeder road. 
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  1. being, functioning as, or serving as a feeder.
  2. pertaining to livestock to be fattened for market.


pol•y•thene (polə thēn′),USA pronunciation n. [Chem. Brit.]
  1. polyethylene.

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Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 . ( Feeder Polythene  #1)Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 Feeder - Polythene By Angelneo107 ( Feeder Polythene #2)

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